Frequently Asked Questions

 What is included in the Royale Treatment clean? 

  •  Basic clean dusting, mopping, and vacuuming all rooms

  • Trash removal to your outdoor cans

  • Kitchen counters, break room, hallways, walkways, corridors, floor, work station, exterior stove and fridge cleaning, meeting rooms, training rooms

  • Bathroom vanity, shower/tubs, and toilet cleaning

  • Window washing, wall washing and interior oven and fridge cleaning are not included


What is included in the Queens touch?

  • The Royale treatment +

  • Making beds

  • Interior microwave, oven, fridge & cabinets

  • Baseboards

  • Blinds

  • Window sills

  • Light fixtures

  • Additional charges will apply

Whats included in the Dungeon Deep Clean?

  • Deep cleaning

  • In a more detailed cleaning

  • Touching more areas

  • Removing stains

How do i start?

  • Go to appointments at the top of the page

  • Select the service you need 

  • Follow the instructions

Can Royale Treatment provide same day service?

Unfortunately Royale Treatment can not promise rite away service. Please be advised of additional fees for rite away service

Is the Royale Treatment Licensed and bonded?

The Royale Treatment staff is licensed and bonded with a full background check and fully trained cleaning techs

Can Royale Treatment clean multiple offices/homes?

Yes we can

Does someone needs to be in attendance for the  Royale Treatment staff to clean? 

No, we actually recommend no thru traffic when cleaning.

Can i get a quote over the phone? 

Unfortunately, we can not ensure accurate rates over the phone, so no, this is not a option. We are available for quotes Mon - Fri. At no cost. 

Does Royale Treatment offer green service?

Yes, we are happy to offer green chemicals. Please mention at your estimate appointment. 

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